Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trek 25th Anniversary Roddenberry Interview

The December 1991 issue of Cinefantastique featured a number of articles centered around the 25th anniversary of the original series, and sports a great painted cover of the Great Bird of the Galaxy being buzzed by various Enterprises.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

We're looking at a couple of the articles from this issue this time, starting off with an interview with Roddenberry musing about the future of Trek.

Next, an article about one of the recent Trek cruises as various Trek celebrities are interviewed.


Doug said...

Hokey smoke, not only do I remember this article, I can quote the first line from memory. As I recall, it came out after Roddenberry's death, which had come as a total shock to me. I remember reading the article and thinking, "If this had been published before his death, it wouldn't have been such a shock..." As it was, the opening line seems almost ghoulish, but to the credit of the author, it was obviously accurate. I also remember the quote from Wheaton about how hard it is to have people screaming for your death, especially at the age of fourteen... This was the first I'd ever read of his complaining about the fans' perception of him, and this, of course, was published when he was still a teen and the show was still on the air (though he'd left by then, as is made clear in the article). He's certainly come a long way since then!

Giselle said...

"Below: Whitney fends off Kirk's advances in The Naked Time."

Nope, that scene is from "The Enemy Within"...

TruthandConsequences said...

There were two covers to this Cinefantastique; yours is the one I have too. This one with Gene was the comic-shop edition. The other one I believe was more generic Trek in nature.