Tuesday, December 13, 2011

George Takei: Eternal Frustrations

From Starlog, published August 1989, comes this article (paired with the previous article on Jimmy Doohan) featuring George "Oh, my!" Takei. He, moreso than some of the others it seemed, resented the small part he had compared to the three main stars. As far as I recall (not having watched it as much as the other films), he was featured as much as all the rest of the secondary cast, part of about every action scene. I understand his frustration, but really, he was included in it more than most TV episodes had him. At least he got to be a captain in the next one, which was some consolation, I'm sure.

"Next time, this chair is MINE!"

Bonus: Below, Kirk cuddles up to a belly dancer on Argelius, but strikes out as Scotty gets lucky. The girl would have done better with Kirk; more kissing and less knifing!

"I'm the star of the show, ask any of my co-workers. Want to go for a ride later?"


murt said...

haha I guess the actress who played the belly dancer agreed with you - she slept with Shatner in real life during the filming of TOS. She wrote about it in her autobiography.

Anonymous said...

Fred, when you go silent for a while I keep checking in hoping to see another bit of your Trek collection (or something at Fantastic Flashbacks, always good too). Thanks for keeping your doors open! --JohnG7

Anonymous said...

According to several behind-the-scenes Trek staff, Tanya Lemani dated both Jimmy Doohan AND Bill Shatner, more or less at the same time.
I guess she like living dangerously!
Re. your caption, being the star of the show didn't usually get Shatner the girl - it was Jimmy who had the off-screen lothario reputation.
~ Chas

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting!

You can't take seriously any of the photo captions... that's where I add some humor to the posts and just add a caption that the image seems to suggest, that rarely has anything to do with the actual image. Kind of like the old Leaf bubblegum cards!

Anonymous said...

This isn't directly related, but do you by chance have clippings of the old TV Guide episode descriptions? I'd love to see those again. The only one I still remember was something like "Due to a malfunction in the transporter, Kirk is divided into two beings: one meek, the other violently animalistic." They ran those things for years!

Frederick said...


Thanks for commenting. I do have some TV Guides with those in them, and you are right... I remember that same synopsis word for word as you have quoted it! That would make for a good addition to posts on the blog, finding as many as I can and adding them in here and there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd supply you with what I had from TV Guide, if I but had them to give. I've seen old TV Guides at flea markets from time to time, and I kick myself for not having bought them. From cover to cover, they are real time capsules of a time long past. It's a lot like spotting a comic book from childhood which you haven't even thought about for years, but there is nevertheless an instantaneous recognition through much younger eyes. I treasure those moments of re-discovery!