Sunday, February 17, 2013

Star Trek IV Plate Ad

Over the years, my name got on the mailing list of a lot of companies offering Trek items; I rarely bought the actual items, I just saved the ads. Here is one from 1994, a four-page glossy flyer for the newest plate in the Hamilton Collection, featuring a nicely-done montage from "The Voyage Home."

(Click on the images to enlarge; when the window opens, you may have to click the image again to view full-size.)

Bonus: Kirk and Shanna from "The Gamesters of Triskelion" wrestle a bit before falling into the hay.
Kirk is about to flip her over his hip and into his arms, a signature move.

And.. submitted for your speculation, without comment, this photo comparison I put together.

Update: Sometimes I look at the various places people come to the blog from, and I found out that Wil Wheaton "Wesley Crusher" himself, visited and linked to me! Cool! Here is the page where he mentioned the site:


Joe from Malvern said...

Glad to see you back!

Some day I must scan all my collection for your consideration. Although you've beat me to most of my booty, I've got a few gems such as the Western Union telegram from Paramount Pictures announcing Star Trek the Movie, along with their publicity kit material.

Re Shanna and Kirk:

Emptiness and loss overwhelm when I think of her short life, especially her parents' dashed hopes, whatever they were. (It must be my own fatherhood that regrets all lost souls.)

There but for the grace of God go I.


Frederick said...

Joe, thanks for commenting! I would love to see some of the many things you have that I don't. I also share your feelings about Angelique, it was a tragedy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi dude its me again the guy that wanted to administer a beatdown on your Trek hating POS stepdad (id have beat him and beat him and beat him...and just when he thought i was done id beat him some more). anyway its good to have you back doing the scrapbook. id check in every now and then for an update and started to fear you might have lost interest in Trek..

regarding the similarity between Benedict Cumberbatch and the Joachim guy - i thought that a while ago but then someone mentioned Benedict would be too old as STID will be set only a few years after the last movie and TWOK was set when Kirk was like 50 years old. (with Khan and his followers having been defrosted for 15 years). But then wasnt Joachim in Space Seed? i know some think Joachim is the son of Joaquin in Space Seed (see Greg Coxs Khan books) and others think that they are the same character that was just incorrectly named in TWOK. Obviously if they follow the latter it wouldnt be a problem (i think he is meant to be the same character)

if BC is playing Joachim (and not Khan - genetically altered to look like an English dude like that Bond villian in Die Another Day) who has been reprogrammed/re-educated to infiltrate Starfleet I guess the film might be about the search for Khan who might be locked away in some secret Area 51 type base and the big twist could be that when we see Khan it will be a CGI 1967 Richardo Monalban in a cameo (like CG Arnie at the end of Terminator 4 and like the way Brando was still Jor El amongst the all new cast of Superman Returns) leading to a climax involving a revived Khan (who will die along with Joachim/‘Harrison‘...or will go on to appear in some way in ST3)

Frederick said...

Interesting comment! I know it iwll be interesting to see how it plays out in the film; JJ plays fast and loose with timeline details, so some problem we see with the original Joachim age wouldn't really be a problem for him if he went with the character.
As for losing interest, never! Just a lack of time is all it was.

Anonymous said...

quite right about the timeline thing - thinking about it anyone from Botany Bay couldve been woken way earlier than in Space Seed due to all the changes in the timeline from Nero so any age differnce can easily be explained away (anyway they all superhuman so could age slower) in any case not a problem if it Joachim (be cool if it was and have Khan as an unwoken threat like the engineer in Prometheus that Joachim is trying to find and revive - oh man id really dig that, imagine if they do that and at the end we see Khan and BAM! its Richardo circa 1967 Space Seed.)