Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1984 Interview With Mark Lenard

 As a regular reader of this blog you may have noticed that a number of recent posts have been from the Enterprise Incidents magazine (as opposed to the earlier versions when I refer to it as a fanzine); well, I had recently taken out a stack from one of my collection cabinets and realized how much Trek material there was left to feature. So, I will continue to post articles from various issues until I feel that it has been properly represented here and not overwhelmed in number by Starlog posts (which are now all available online in a collection anyway).

This time we open issue #18, published in June of 1984 (the year that "Splash" came out; seems like a long time ago now), and we are featuring a nice lengthy interview with "Sarek" himself, Mark Lenard. Thanks again to editor and writer James Van Hise for publishing this. Enjoy!

(Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click on it once more to view full-size.)
Extra: As an aside, I wish to quote writer D. C. Fontana (from a letter to fanzine Spockanalia,) on the subject of other children belonging to Sarek: "Both his mother and father have been married only once... to each other... Spock is an only child... there are absolutely no other siblings..." So, that would put Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier" out the canoniacal window... where, I believe, it firmly belongs. 

Bonus #1: Since the article was released before the movie and there were no images of Sarek in his movie costume and makeup, below is a nice publicity photo.
Bonus #2: Below, another one of the1967 Leaf bubblegum cards that continues the trend of nonsensical captions.
Bonus #3: A rare autographed photo of DeForest Kelley that was found along with some others in a record jacket bought at a thrift store. Talk about stumbling onto hidden gold! Go here to view all the others, they are quite amazing!


CommandaManda said...

Delightful. Thank you for posting this! It contains a lot of info that's not found on big sites like IMDB. Keep this up! Mark Lenard fans will want to read it over and over again.I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Mr. Lenard. he was a generous, strong, smart man, and great director and teacher.

Frederick said...

thanks for the comment, I wish I had your experience of getting to know Mr. Lenard!