Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy ST:TMP Day!

On this date in 1979, Star Trek: The Motion Picture premiered across the country. How well I remember the excitement that I, and many other fans, felt! It was to us back then, what the new Star Wars movie is to fans this December. Today's post is devoted to the memories we have of this red-letter date in Trek history. Read a few, a lot, or all of the ST:TMP related posts I have made on this blog by clicking here.


SpacerGuy said...

I need you. D*mmit Bones, I need you! Badly! Remember that one? When I first heard that I split my sides laughing. So hilarious. Looking back Star Trek TMP is an epic adventure if the viewer can put himself on the bridge. If this movie was made today it would be a smash hit. The whole Ilia, Vger and Spock telepathy buzz is so trippy.

Tony Laplume said...

My whole family thinks of it as the one that has the extra long trip around the Enterprise. But I still love it.

Corylea said...

To me, everyone seemed out of character in this movie, and since Leonard Nimoy thought so, too, I think it's a reasonable point. :-)

The Spock we last saw in "Turnabout Intruder" would never have chosen to undergo kolinahr. And Starfleet would have been crazy to make Kirk an admiral when finding good starship captains is so difficult (judging by Ron Tracey, Matt Decker, and the captains of all the disabled and derelict starships that the Enterprise encountered during the three years of the TV show).

Leonard Nimoy says in his autobiography that he and Shatner KNEW that their characters weren't being written properly, but they couldn't get either Roddenberry or Wise to let them make the changes they felt were necessary. I think that's a great pity, because I would have loved to have seen a Star Trek movie that had the resources behind it that TMP had, but with Kirk and Spock actually IN character.

R.Kranz said...

I was 13 when I saw ST-TMP on Dec 7th 1979 and while waiting on the enormously long line some shumck-tard blurted out "So whens Star Wars gonna start?" Afterwards I kept thinking I was so glad that he must have been disappointed. It was beautiful on the 70 mm screen with one of Goldsmith's best scores.

Lacey said...

I actually still have this edition of Parade Magazine.
Thanks for the memories