Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, DeForest Kelly!

DeForest Kelly's birthday is today, January 20th. This true Southern gentleman (born in Taccoa, GA) never let the lights of Hollywood get in his eyes and change him from the kind and humble man he was.

Here is a link to all the posts on this blog that are tagged with his name. A great way to celebrate his memory!

Bonus: a behind-the-scenes photo of Kelley getting his old-age makeup applied for "The Deadly Years." He had a great time acting in this episode as he took his "crusty old country doctor" persona to the ultimate level!

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Patrick said...

A few weeks ago, I read a story on-line about a discussion De Kelley had with Gene Roddenberry; it concerned a ring he wore at the time. (My guess is that it was Mr. Kelley's ever present pinky ring, which I never noticed until "Star Trek VI".) Roddenberry wanted Kelley to take the ring off; his theory being that people in the 23rd century did not wear jewelry. Kelley, who treasured the ring (it belonged to his late mother) said "No jewelry, no De Forest." Roddenberry then backed off. As someone who still feels the pain of his mother's death, I applaud De Kelley for standing his ground.