Monday, November 24, 2008

ST:TMP Teaser Poster

And there it is, the first glimpse, however inaccurate, of the new Enterprise that we ever got!

This I scanned in from the back of a comic book from the summer of 1979. It was an exciting time for a Trek fan like me! I was looking forward to the movie more than Christmas itself, and it was the best present I could or would get.


Dave Tackett said...

Now this one, I've seen before! I bought so many comics back then. I must have seen this one a hundred times that year - and spent at least a couple of minutes on it every issue. Good pick.

JK and LT said...

I just found this blog and I love it! Your pictures are amazing. Keep up the great work.


The Headless Werewolf said...

I absolutely poured over this ad when I first saw it. I'm not sure I ever actually read the comic book, but I still wore it out.

Frederick said...


what a response! Welcome JK and LT, thanks for commenting.

Thinking of the furor that arose recently when the new Enterprise was revealed for JJ's movie, imagine the response had there been internet back when this image of the ship was revealed before TMP came out!

Anonymous said...

I have this poster framed and hanging in front of my desk. I am literally in its shadow right now. A *great* image.

Anonymous said...

Which comic did the image come from?
Is it possible to re-scan the image at a higher quality?
The image was painted by John Berkey a great sci-fi artist.
Look him up, great work!


Frederick said...


Thanks for the info! I'd have to go back and try to fin the comic again, and in one of thousands I have that;s no small feat. But as for higher rez, the one I uploaded was 1380 x 1977... but blogspot only shows it at the present resolution. I don't know why!

Erik J Kreffel said...

This is such a great blog you've got! I just discovered this tonight after Googling a Spock image for a friend and found your "Scrapbook!" I've been following and hadn't even noticed...what an oversight.

I was born in '74 and have many fond memories of my late (recently) father watching Trek with me, and particularly asking him (or my mother) if the guy with the brown hair was Captain Kirk on that big screen! He sure looked different to my young eyes.

This teaser image is burned into my brain after 30 years still, and I smile whenever I see a comic (X-Men for me, I believe) with it. The Bob Peake-illustrated movie poster hung to my wall for years, not surviving well, though.

I recently had a hankering to re-watch the 2000 DVD edition, and what fond memories it still brings to me.

Great job all around on your blog!

-Warren Zoell said...

Actually that is a picture of the phase II Enterprise meant for the never created 70's TV series.