Saturday, January 30, 2010

1976 article: "Shatner: Shakespeare To The Stars"

Here's another article from the first issue of Starlog, published Aug, 1976. I've already posted the cover and some memories of this landmark first issue, here, as well as an article in the post before this one. This was such an exciting issue to read, being mostly devoted to the series as it was; a great way to start off the magazine!

The photo caption above says that Shatner insisted on doing all his own fight scenes... which is true, up until the point where the director called "Cut! Stuntmen!" The stuntmen on the show are so easy to spot now, with our high-definition TVs. but back when watching it in the 70's, I never noticed them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - shatner really doesn't seem to have change that much over the years!

Louise said...

Love the blog! Keep up the good work.