Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1983 Videogaming Illustrated article

I bring out of the collection cabinets this time, a June 1983 issue of Videogaming Illustrated with a couple of nice Trek-related articles. Enjoy!

(Click on images to enlarge.)

A nice cover painting above, reversed image notwithstanding.

Below, an introductory editorial page written by special guest Walter Koenig, aka "Screamin' Chekov."

Below we have the first article on the (then) state of the art Trek videogames.

The second page of this article is a pleasant surprise, featuring some rare behind-the-scenes photos of ST:TMP's special effect creations.

Next, another article from the same issue, this time looking at the various fictional computers found on the show and movies.

Bonus: Below, a cartoon scanned from an issue of "Enterprise Incidents." Turns out Spock wasn't that different from a human kid, after all.


Andi said...

Hello Frederick,

This is an off-comment, I'm sorry.

Thank you for your visitation on my blog and thank you so much your encouragement. I was really surprised! :-)
You know your blog is so gorgeous and I felt so small when I saw it last night.
I've thought over your nice words and I've changed my mind.

But... your blog is much better then mine, this is the truth :-)

Thanks so much for your help! :-)

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting, and the kind words! Glad you are enjoying the blog.

Also glad you decided to keep going. I have felt the exact same way, when I have visited some other blogs that I felt were so much better than mine. It was before I started this one, when I was beginning "My Monster Memories." I came across others doing it so much better that I suspended posts for awhile, but eventually I realised that people came to my blogs not just for the images and stuff, but for my unique take on the subjects and my personal memories. So, I kept posting.

It's something we all have to face, but we have to realise that's what blogging is all about! Not letting others do it all because "they do it better" (which is debatable) but adding our unique voice and viewpoints. It's more about sharing of ourselves than just the topic of the blog.

So keep up the good work! As long as it's fun, do it! Others will come and enjoy it, too.