Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Star Trek Poster Book #4

The Star Trek Giant Poster Book (actually a magazine) was one of the greatest publications to come out in the 70's on the show, and I never missed an issue. I said earlier that I would post all of them, and I plan on doing so, starting back now with issue #4, published December 1, 1976. (Read all of the previous posts by using the tag link.) They are spaced apart somewhat since I have to scan them in sections then put them back together in photoshop, all for your enjoyment. You may leave a token of your appreciation in the tip jar on the counter. Or better yet, leave a comment!

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As for the interior poster, you can see what it was from the thumbnail preview on the back cover, a frame blowup from "Day Of The Dove." No need to open it up and take a photo of it for this post, since it's not a great poster. In fact, that was the one consistent criticism I had against the magazine; most of the posters were simply grainy frame blowups, and only once or twice did they use sharp promotional photos, which were by far the best ones. Why they didn't go that route every time, instead of film clip enlargements, I have no idea; but the whole idea of the poster book suffered because of it. On the whole, though, an excellent publication.


Anonymous said...

In retrospect, it looks like a proto-Starlog. I think Allan Asherman in particular wrote for Starlog pretty frequently.

Thanks for posting, brings back the memories (I think I have this one in my basement still, somewhere!)

- Ted

Star Trekkin' thru Phily said...

Star Trek Poster Books hooray!!!

Loved these -- absolutely loved 'em.

A very sad consequence of the net is that no one in the past 15 years has experienced the anticipation, the sheer delirious joy of its resolution, all because we had to wait for publication schedules and the US postal service.

Instant gratification leads to instant spoiled rotten opinionating but learning patience not only built character, it allowed ample time for ponderation.

Thanks for the posts, since the Internet's here we might as well make the most of it, right?! Besides, I haven't seen my copies of these since my last move. Must be in the garage somewhere ;-)

Frederick said...

I agree that the anticipation of finding or ordering these rare gems made for greater appreciation of them back then!

iBudd said...

I have to say - those Trivia Quiz questions are really tough! Especially the Superman one, that took some time on Memory Alpha to find out...

Thanks for posting these, dude - love your blog!

chunky B said...

You know I have one of these from that other Star Franchise, the Empire Strikes Back Days, but I never have seen a Star Trek one around these parts, I would have totally loved getting my hands on some of these back then, thanks for posting this.

It still amazes me there is so much OST stuff that I have missed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scans (and the fine work in stitching such big pages together)!


Maurice Mitchell said...

Great job with the scans man. I agree with the first commenter that it looks just like Starlog (RIP). Lots of great info in the blog so you have a new follower!
- Maurice Mitchell
The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
@thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

Frederick said...

Glad you are enjoying the blog, and thanks for commenting!

GF said...

I loved the posterbooks and the chance to see so many previously unpublished photos, and details about episodes only hinted at in The World of/Making of Star Trek.

Your observation is about the grainy posters is noted, but then it made me think about a series of photos i've always wanted to see grouped together: the pre regular production shots of Shatner, Nimoy, Whitney, et al--whether together or separate. On that note, just how many shots were made of spock holding the 3-foot Enterprise?

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for posting these! I probably have a few of them in my Star Trek cache, but so wonderful to have them scanned and to see them again.

Unknown said...

Caught an episode of Bonanza the other night. And the guy who played Adonis was in it. got bested at cards or something. I don't know what all. But all I could think of during the whole episode was "Adonis" and chuckled to myself as I waited for him to break down in a fit of "I'm so much better than you worship me"ness. Never happened.

Just tells me that I am definately more Trek-centric than even I could admit. :)

Bluejay Young said...

I remember when this came out. I love the comparison of Star Trek to drugs. I can quit any time I want to!

I've been doing a lot of work on Fanlore. I want to describe the Nimoy/Lord of the Rings connection for younger fans who didn't know there was one or that many ST fans once considered Nimoy the ideal Strider.

Haven't seen anything from you for a while... hope all is well.

Frederick said...

thanks for commenting! I am doing okay, just the busy-ness of life intruded on my time and I haven't been able to devote much to maintaining the blogs. I hope to start back sometime soon, but just trying to make a living from day to day in this terrible economy means little time presently for fun, sadly!

Adam said...

That trivia quiz is INSANE!

Frederick said...

you are so right, they were not pulling any punches or pandering to the "new fans," those were always tough and required research! Or required waiting til the next issue revealed the answers. I could never get them all from memory, and usually I could on regular Trek quizzes.