Thursday, March 26, 2015

Commemorating Leonard Nimoy's Birthday

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This is the saddest Birthday commemoration I've ever had to post on this blog, coming only weeks after the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He would have been 84. Celebrating his birth so soon after his passing makes it that much more poignant. Below are some images from a publicity photo session made just before the series started filming, when the costumes were not quite what we would come to know. The shots are interesting in that they pose Nimoy with some stock chemical equipment, as if it was short-hand for saying "he's a scientist, because here he is doing science stuff with test tubes and such." Anyone out there know what that spiral tube is he is holding and what it does?

This particular set of images is special to me since the first ever photo I cut out and saved from the show was a close-up from this session.

I would like to close out this post with a simple poem written by Leonard. It could be to a loved one, it could be a prayer to God. I would like to turn it around back toward Leonard, and use it to thank him for sharing his life with us.

Thank you
For a world
Of kindness 

Thank you
For your
Endless patience

Thank you
For your
Sensitive understanding

Thank you
Your Love

As Spock once told McCoy, "Remember." We will, Leonard. We will. And like McCoy, we will carry a part of you within us, always.


ProvidenceMine said...

Wow, Frederick! Another beautiful tribute to this wonderful man! I can remember when he died thinking that he had missed his 84th birthday by only a few weeks, and how sad that birthday would indeed be. I lost my father on Memorial day weekend, and so I had to endure both a Father's Day and his birthday on July 7th without him that same year. I wish Nimoy's family the best this year, for they will have to endure this birthday, Father's Day, Passover, and July 4th without him. Hey, I know how they feel.

Take care.

Frederick said...

PM, thanks for commenting, it was surely a bitter-sweet event and I'm sure it's hitting them hard today at the homes of Leonard's family. I know I don't think I've have another celebrity passing affect me as much, certainly not since losing Christopher Reeve.