Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

Happy (belated, it was on March 22nd) 84th Birthday to William Shatner, a man that makes the Energizer Bunny tired just watching him! Shatner brought a lightness to a role that could have been deadly serious, giving us a quick-shooting, hard-kissing, karate-chopping, outrageously-bluffing and awe-inspiring Captain that always led, never sent his officers into action.

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"Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal."
In honor of Bill, go back and view all of the Shatner-centric posts on this blog. The Power of Shat compels you!


Corylea said...

And today -- March 25th -- is Dorothy Fontana's birthday. She did so much for Star Trek -- "Journey to Babel," alone, is worth so much, and she contributed so much more -- I wish the Star Trek sites honored her birthday.

ProvidenceMine said...

I didn't know it was DC Fontana's birthday. She certainly help make ST what it is today. Happy Birthday, DC!

And, but of course, Happy Birthday to my favorite Alpha Male and starship commander! William Shatner, you are the best!

You have my condolences on the lost of your dear friend. I can absolutely understand why you didn't go to the service. You probably would have fallen apart without question.

Hang in there, sir.

Frederick said...

Cory, thanks for commenting and for pointing that out to me! You are right, she was responsible for much of what we know as Trek.