Sunday, December 20, 2009

1980 interview with Bob Fletcher

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Last time, I posted an article on Harold Michaelson from the February 1980 issue of "Fantastic Films." This time, I'm posting another article from the same issue, on the costume designer for ST:TMP, Robert Fletcher. Enjoy!
Below: another in the rare Leaf Star Trek cards, from 1967. Their unusual photos and hilariously disconnected captions are always a source of interest and amusement.

"Nurse Chapel... I hit my funnybone, can you kiss it for me?"
News: "My Star Trek Scrapbook" makes another Top Trek Blog list, this time the "Top 50 Blogs for Trekkies"! I'm honored! Check it out for lots of other cool Trek blog links.


SpacerGuy said...

I think Dr McCoy could do with one of his stimulants to fix him up, or perhaps a sip of saurian brandy is called for. It is Christmas afterall. Have a good one, Frederick.

Jay said...

As I have doubtless said before somewhere, Star Trek - The Motion Picture seems to be a never ending source of cool stuff to look at and read about.

So much work was done on those aliens, their costumes, and their cultures, its a shame they were never developed by the later productions, instead of employing that steady stream of wrinkly noses and bumpy foreheads.

Frederick said...


So true... I remember reading about all the aliens and seeing how they were featured in magazines, promotional materials and cards, and then they were hardly seen onscreen, and then only as extras in the background.

Anonymous said...

Do you have Part II of the interview with the costumed aliens?

Frederick said...


I think i do, and I will search through myh mags soon in order to find and post it. I didn't notice the "part 1" until I had already posted the article!

CMX said...

I'm one of those ST purists who greatly prefers TMP over the rest of the ST films, for many reasons.

I did finally watch ST09 (aka Faux Trek, aka Star Trek 90210) on DVD, and I found it a pathetic mess. Alas, the general public prefers pathetic messes. C'est la vie. At least we have New Voyages/Phase II to keep the true spirit of Star Trek alive and to honor the vision and philosophy of The Bird, instead of taking potshots at his lofty legacy as Abrams and company have.