Saturday, April 3, 2010

1976 article "Spock, Part 2: An Analysis"

Last entry, we looked at Part 1 of an two-part examination of the character of Spock, from a 1976 issue of "Quasimodo's Monster Magazine." This time, part 2 is a conversation about the Vulcan's popularity with writer Jacqueline Lichtenberg, who co-penned the book many of us remember so very, very fondly; "Star Trek Lives!"

Update: I recently added Jacqueline as a friend on Facebook, and alerted her to this post. She was kind enough to comment, so click on the "comments" tab for this entry and see what she had to say! It is so neat to be able to interact with people like her who had such an impact on my young life as a Trekker.

Bonus item: the next inside page from the "Star Trektennial" edition of Lincoln Enterprise's 1976 catalog (see others posted by using the "Lincoln Enterprises" tag on the sidebar).

Below is the painted Kirk portrait that I ordered from the page above (left-hand lower part of the page); more will be posted in the near future. These were done by a young Andy Probert, who was responsible for much of the final look of the redesigned Enterprise in "ST:TMP."

And below is what the keychain viewers in the catalog looked like. This one had a film clip frame of Uhura in it. Scanned image is larger than actual size.

Look for more Lincoln Enterprises material in upcoming posts. Be sure to comment if you have memories of you own you want to share! (Update: here is a Flickr group devoted to sharing filmclips acquired from Lincoln Enterprises!)


The 4th Doctor said...

It amazes me that a character in pointed ears and weird eyebrows was taken seriously. It was a real gamble and I have to give Roddenberry credit for thinking it would work. Of course, Nimoy made the magic onscreen. As a kid I loved Spock and dressed up as him every Halloween for years. I still grok Spock. My Playmates 1/6 TWOK Spock has been sitting on my dresser since the day I got him.

Anonymous said...

The first six volumes of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's controversial Kraith ST fan fiction series is up at
Kraith Collected.

(I'm the commenter who wrote about my search for the Spock poster here.)

Frederick said...

4th Dr,

It really was a gamble, considering that so many aliens had been portrayed before almost exactly like that, with badly-done ears and eyebrows, and all were pretty much by that time recognized as a bad sci-fi cliche.
But the acting and writing made it into something unique, and most of the earlier examples are not compared to Vulcans now.

Frederick said...


Thanks for the comment and link, I only knew about Kraith from the earliy days but never found any of it to read back when it was new. I look forward to catching up on it now!

Jacqueline Lichtenberg said...

Hey thank you for posting this interview! I have no idea where my copy is since I moved. Everything is in boxes!

Anonymous: Thank you for posting the link to Kraith.

I'm going to bookmark this page and spread the link around. Isn't the internet amazing?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting, it's amazing you found this! I posted an article you wrote from Media Spolight the other day. I have NO idea how I missed the fact that you replied to this post until just now, but I am glad you did. It was neat hearing from an author that I read!

Porfle Popnecker said...

Nice page! I used to have a complete set of those Probert portraits. I might even still have them packed away in a box somewhere.