Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Job To Job Nowadays For 'Mr. Spock'

The headline makes it look like Leonard was having trouble making it after Trek, but the article itself shows he was working steady on different projects. Clipped from the Macon Telegraph on Aug. 17, 1973 when I was 14. Below is a small clipping gleaned from one of the TV fan magazines about the same time.

Bonus content: Below is Issue #3 of the Star Trek Poster Magazine, one of the best publications to come out in the 70's on Trek. I was fortunate enough to collect every issue, and treasure them still. I'm featuring this cover since today's post is Nimoy-centric. Why his uniform tunic is purple is a question I have no answer for.

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Anonymous said...

It's that color I think because there is pink lighting either over head or behind him, so it makes his blue uniform top look purple but you can still see the blue in it. Well at least I can. But that might be down to my computer monitor.

I too do own all or most of them but I don't know what I've done with them. When we moved they were boxed up and put in a safe place.