Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Star Trek page from 70's TV Quiz Mag

Correctly guess the right answers to the extremely difficult quiz above and I'll send you an imaginary tribble friend; you can hold him and love him and squeeze him and pet him.

Clipped from a TV trivia quiz magazine around 1976. Don't ask me how I found it, but I seemed to have a sixth sense about finding isolated Trek material located deep inside various magazines. Or I was just lucky as I flipped through different publications that had to do with TV that seemed likely. Yeah, I'd have to say it was more informed luck than any ESP on my part.

A Trek-themed "Bloom County" strip from June 21, 1982. These things were darned funny.

Here's a pen and ink drawing I did in the mid-80's for a local library's film schedule brochure. They showed 16 mm prints of Star Trek episodes regularly, which was a real treat, seeing them on a large screen... well, larger than any TV screens at the time. It brought the local Trekkers out of the woodwork and we formed a small informal fan club that met at the monthy showings.

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