Monday, January 26, 2009

The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise

Back before YouTube on the internet and affordable home video, fans wishing to see past content of old TV shows had to pretty much wait til that show was re-run. So although the Saturday Night Live skit on Star Trek featuring John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd was famous, there were many fans who hadn't seen it, but were curious about it. Like me. So it was with great delight that I found the complete transcript, with cartoon illustrations, in the June 1978 Issue #14 of Starlog magazine. It was several years later before I actually got to see the video of it, so the article was very welcome at the time. Here it is, scanned in for your ocular enjoyment! Oh, and kids... it makes for good reading too, so if you have TV-generated ADD, try it anyway, you might enjoy it.

And below are some screen captures hitting some of the comedic highlights of the skit. Of course, if you haven't seen it yet either, you can look it up on Youtube easily enough, but where's the fun in that? Back in our day, all we had were magazines and still photos, and we had to imagine what it was like to watch it, and we liked it that way! It made the actual experience more meaningful! You kids today have it too good, and don't appreciate it as much! I'll bet I have to tell you that the "Promise" reference at the end alludes to a margarine commercial that Shatner did after Star Trek! I've got Happy Meal boxes older than you kids. And get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!


Anonymous said...

Belushi did a pretty good Shatner, and that was before *everybody* was doing a Shatner impression!

Also, the bridge set looks a lot more like Star Trek than anything in the new movie :)

Frederick said...


You're right about his Shatner... everybody does it except the new kid playing Kirk in the movie!

And I'm like you, I'd have rather seen more of a resemblance to the old bridge in the new one. They could have kept the basic design with just more modern tech filling in the spaces.

Oh, well.. at least we're getting some kind of new Original Series material! I'd rather see that than any other spin-off crew.