Monday, March 15, 2010

1981 Mark Lenard article

Back in the day, Starlog wasn't the only source of Trek and genre material, but it was one of the foremost. From the depths of one of the collection cabinets comes issue #42, published December of 1980. The featured article is on my favorite Trek guest-star, Mark Lenard. My earliest recollection of seeing the show on TV was during the first run of "Balance of Terror." I only remember a little of the show, but I know it was this episode, and even at 8 years old I found it interesting. I only really got into it when I was 13, though.
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"This text is invading my personal space."

Korg found out that Earth women could be tougher than they looked, especially when food was involved.

"You want to keep this nose? Steal my Cheetos again, lobster-head, and you will lose it."

Bonus: Below, from the same issue, is an small write-up about the then-new Star Trek Maps, my copy of which I still have in my cabinet.

Bonus: Fortunately, ST:TMP was not the last time Mark Lenard was on Trek; we got the chance to enjoy his appearances as Sarek on movies 3, 4 and 6, as well as once on ST:TNG (I mean twice, as I was reminded by a kind commenter). Below, father and son pose for another of Mother's many snapshots. They got together so seldom, you know, and she just loved to take pictures.

"Really, Amanda... saying "cheese" is not logical; nor preferable."

Link: Here is a great page I just found devoted to Sarek and Amanda!


Jay said...

Mark was actually on TNG twice, the second time being the ep. in which they killed him off. Sad business, that. He also looped a line for his younger counterpart in Star Trek V. mark was one of my favorite Trek actors, and a wonderful character actor period, with his regal bearing and his marvelous voice. The man exuded dignity and he brought a lot of class to his roles. When he played Sarek, you felt this was a guy worthy of being Spock's father.

And after all these year's, I still can't see him underneath that Klingon make-up. I know he's there, but I just don't see him. Remarkable!

Frederick said...

I remember how excited I was to hear that he was going to be a regular on the Planet of the Apes series; and getting the POTA magazine with his interview in it was a high point of the week I bought it as a teen!

Pineapples101 said...

Amazing ST-TMP pics. Thank you for uploading :)

CMX said...

One of my favorite actors. How bizarre was it to see him on Buck Rogers playing the alien ambassador taking his head off and holding it up in the air to scare the natives!? One of television's strangest moments. Yikes! ~:0

DarenDoc said...

Still waiting for that picture of the FVX team standing next to the Enterprise model from TMP that was a side bar in one of those Starlog Issues... :)

Frederick said...


I will certainly post it when I run across it... I just hope I recognize it for the one you are lookling for! Great to know that you are still visiting here, wow!

Jay said...

"Jouney to Oasis" (!) I believe was the title of that "Buck Rogers" double-length or, depending on how you saw it broadcast, two part episode, with the great Mark Lenard dialing his dignometer up to full power to bring some grace to a character who could remove and replace his own head. Yes, that strained credulity even for me and I couldn't have been more than 8 when I watched it for the first time. Still, he got to make time with Erin Grey, and that ain't not bad.

That second season of "Buck Rogers" was a bit dour compared to the camp insanity of the first (and IMO funner season), but it had some great Trek alums as guest stars - Mark Lenard, Barbara Luna, Paul Carr, David Opatoshu, and .... probably other people I'm forgetting ...

I also thought Hawk was pretty cool at the time.