Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Star's Trek To Fame

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Clipped from the back page of the comics section of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel in December of 1978.

Bonus picture: One article I posted recently called Shatner "comically handsome" and this huge picture (just click on it) illustrates the truth in that. "Ridiculously handsome" also comes to mind... uh... HEY, how 'bout that game last night? Heckuva game, heckuva game.


AZSneed said...

It is nice to see the cards online here. I have the all the cards and a lot of the stickers. I bought the bubblegum packs in 1977. Thanks for showing them, not to look at my set.

Jay said...

I love Nimoy from the '70s, especially on "In Search Of ..." - he was so pimp. The tweed jackets, the turtlenecks, the mustache. Almost Nimoy-as-swinger.

I wish there were more resources on "In Search Of ..." around. That was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

Frederick said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark on the wall! Come back often, please.


I have one of his "ISO" episodes on audio tape that I made off of TV way back then... the show about Atlantis, if I remember correctly. I was obsessive, wasn't I?

Jay said...

I have the entire series on bootlegged DVDs!

Iddy said...

Gorgeous picture of Shatner!! I'll agree to ridiculously handsome and relieve you of any awkwardness ;-)

Thanks for sharing all your great stuff, Frederick. I used to have lots of issues of Starlog, the WS album with him in the silver bomber jacket, the full length wall posters--and all the paperbacks I could find. Lost most in a fire and the other stuff to moves. It brings back great memories to check out your site and go "Oh Yeah!"

Take care and keep sharing!

Anonymous said...