Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Lampoon Magazine's "Detente Trek" comic

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The recent Newsweek issue with the Star Trek cover has an article in it that casts current administration figures in Star Trek roles. But it's been done before: the National Lampoon Magazine ran this political spoof in issue #72, in March 1976. The strip featured the Gold Key Star Trek font and put key figures in the Ford administration in the roles of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Sulu, Chekov and Uhura are still there, though.

This is one gaseous cloud that doesn't smell like honey....

Sadly for the crew, not only are Green Orion enchiladas just as hot and spicy as their women, but the captain can't resist them either.


mark said...

Captain Jerry Ford saves the world and gets the girl too. Great stuff. Do you have a scan of the National Lamboon cover that you can post too? thanks

Frederick said...


Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I enjoy your comics site also.

I didn't save the entire magazine, I jsut clipped the Trek spoof. But it was the one with a lion and a lamb on the cover. Issue #72, March 1976. I did a search and found it online. It's on this page:

mark said...

thanks for the cover link

I'll add this issue to the checklist with a link back here so folks can read the comic

I also found a copy on ebay to add to my collection

looking forward to seeing more of your scrapbook

mmtz said...

Here's the Rockefeller ad inside the cover of Detente Trek:

Cabin Campbell said...

I know this is late, but, I've been looking for this comic on the net for years! I had and then lost the original magazine. I like that you have a lot of older ephemera–
My biggest interest is in the older literature, as I have been collecting since the 1970s.
Keep Up The Good Work!