Monday, April 20, 2009

Nimoy's A Natural As Holmes

Clipped from the May 16, 1976 issue of the Miami Herald. I've posted another article about "Sherlock Spock" earlier, in case you missed it.

Bonus: The ad brochure for the Spock plate in the Hamilton Collection, released to commemorate the 25th Aniversary of Star Trek, in 1991. The artwork for these plates is some of the best ever created for an official product.

Boy, I sure am having a good time going through my collection cabinets and boxes to find items to post in this blog! I'm finding stuff I haven't seen in many years, and in some cases I don't even remember having things I've found. But for the most part it's a trip down memory lane, as many of the things I bring out trigger memories of the times when I first got them. I hope you are having as good a time seeing them, as I am having posting them!


Jay said...

Oh you know I'm having fun, sir.

Holmes was a natural for Nimoy, post-Spock, eh? Or maybe 'interim-Spock' might be a better term.

Just last night I saw Nimoy playing the prophet Samuel in what I assume was some made-for-TV movie from the last decade or so which I never knew about. He was very believable!

Frederick said...


I saw that too, the producers of that series of films on the Old Testament brought in a number of interesting actors for the roles, and I was happy to see Nimoy. He did a good job and seeing him act in a movie that tied to his Jewish heritage was cool.

chunky B said...

I am really digging you going through your collection to find things to post! Keep up the great work!