Monday, April 13, 2009

1974 TV/Movie Pinups "Star Trek Spectacular"

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The "TV/Movie Pinups" magazine was a rich resource for semi-regular aticles about Star Trek. This was the first one I discovered, in 1974. I would haunt the Macon, GA used bookstore magazine shelf for these kinds of publications and flip through them looking for Trek content. I was always excited when I came across a pinup photo or a whole article like this one!

Below is a scan from my scrapbook of an 8 x 10 photo card that features one of my all-time favorite publicity photos taken of the cast.

Notice whose shoulder Uhura's hand is on. There's a lot to add credence to the new movie's idea that she had a thing for Spock. Consider the several times in the series that she and the Vulcan shared off-duty moments; there was more going on there than just officer's respect, I think. Look again at some of the pictures of her and Spock together in this previous post.


Jay said...

I've probably said this in a comment before, but I'll reiterate: somebody needs to publish a coffee table book of nothing but original series Star Trek publicity photos. I would so buy that in a breath.

Frederick said...


Very true, there are so many great ones, and so many as yet unseen, that it would be one I would love having for sure. Can you imagine what treasures are lurking in the vaults?

Maybe we'll see it someday....

chunky B said...


I like the way you think, I would love to see a book of nothing but the STOS publicity photos, maybe throw in some of those behind the scenes snaps in there as well!